The NFL over its history has developed itself into one of the most lucrative advertising platforms in the world, it has been taken so far that people will watch the Superbowl game just so they can see the new funny adverts that are out something that is unlike anything else seen in the world. However, this season something is missing compared to other years and that’s the viewing rates. If the viewers aren’t there why are businesses going to invest their money advertising on your programme and this is the problem that the NFL is starting to think about and even potentially worry.

Now lets not get ahead of ourselves because the NFL are still doing well in terms of revenue, but the dip in ratings has started to get attention of businesses since the NFL charge such an extortionate amount of money to advertise. Businesses are all about money and with the rating having declined 10% for last years NBC Kickoff and a further 14% this year, advertisers are not going to be happy that they are being charged a record $4.2billion to advertise to a smaller population compared to past years.

For right now it is only a concern for the NFL since they are still regarded as prime viewing T.V and could be forgiven for the rocky start they had with the league being consumed by protests and further national disasters, rating could start to pick up back to normal rates, as of now only a few, mostly local advertisers have withdrawn from the NFLs shows. Still, if ratings actually don’t improve then they will be in trouble since advertisers are not going to be willing to spend the same money they did the year before and furthermore may even have to pay back some of the bigger companies since they didn’t meet their ratings quota over the year and they paid the biggest bucks; Meaning the league is more out of pocket, so as much as the advertisers rely on the NFLs platform if the NFL lose it they will continue to lose advertisers and money, as of right now the NFL has always been in the driving seat but if things continue then the roles will be reversed so the league better figure out what is losing the viewers, and fast.




Mike Arbogast

Today in class we had a guest speaker Mike Arbogast from the advertising minnows InnerAction based in Morgantown, WV. It was a very productive and interesting talk as he gave us a good insight as to what takes to run your own marketing company as well as what it takes to keep your customers happy.

Mike was very clear on making sure the customer feels like its all about them, they are effectively spending their money on your services its important to make them feel like your first and last thought. While working with your clients try to develop a relationship that allows them to speak freely and not feel stifled getting to know them better can result in a more free flow of ideas and can end in a better result more times than not. Understanding what your clients goals are and to make sure that you are both working towards the same thing for obvious reasons if the two of you are trying to get different things it will be counterproductive so try to create a solid goal to aim for and achieve. By discovering the businesses goals and where they want to be in the future helps you to develop a successful marketing plan because it gives you a clearer outline and gives you targets. Asking questions based on previous marketing campaigns shortcomings or the challenges that they anticipate in the future, if you find out about them before you start an advertisement then you can try to avoid or resolve them.

Once you have learnt about the client and where the business is at in its cycle (goals, where they are, where they want to be) then you can start to develop a marketing strategy. Mike made it very clear that every business is unique and as such every marketing solution should also be, there is no ‘one size fits all’ therefore you have to take the time to listen to the clients wants, needs and goals and create a plan specific to them and that problem. Mike was an interesting guy and i thought he gave a great insight as to what its like to work for an advertising company and also great advice on how to create a team that all works to achieve the same thing that mainly consists of creating a good relationship with the client and understanding their businesses wants and needs. I found it useful i hope this blog was also!!

Consumer Purchase Journey

Hi everyone, this weeks post will be focused on the consumer purchase journey. This was created after businesses wanted to grasp a greater understanding about their customers. In order to achieve this they monitored the behaviour of 20,000 consumers in five of the industries across multiple countries the discoveries led to the Consumer decision purchase.

Businesses learnt that there was a lot more to brands and brand loyalty than they first knew, consumers first will consider the initial set of brands either based upon recommendations, recent exposure, price or familiarity these things can heavily influence a consumers considerations. The next part is the weighing up section this is where the consumer takes the brand they see to be best at face value but after taking all of the factors into consideration ultimately they must decide if what they are buying is best product for the money they’re spending, if you don’t feel the brand is worth the money or won’t do the job you need of it why would you buy it compared to something slightly more expensive but you know will do the job, its about building a solid reputation and core following that help weigh things in your favour if its not price.

The After purchase experience is what is most important for businesses and also something that was being overlooked. Before the C.D.J was created businesses assumed that all of their products would be living up to expectations but not really putting themselves inside consumers minds, with all advancements on social media surveys are very easy to do on Twitter or Facebook alike these help them find out the problems before its too late and they can make alterations to keep people coming back. Finally i would like to talk about the Loyalty loop another interesting part that all brands are aiming for, this is when the consumer doesn’t even look at other brands they know that yours is the best price and product and wont be swayed, often these products are household utilities but it can fall under any industry really. The loyalty loop is tough to achieve, but once you do as long as you keep listening to your consumers and evolving you should be able to maintain a good loyalty loop.

i hope that you all found that interesting and maybe learnt something you didn’t before, until next time! C.D


Semester round up

Sport marketing is one of the biggest industries in the world and there will always be a demand for it now that it has begun. Teams are looking for ways to both attract and maintain fan popularity. One of the most important things that I might not have thought of before was looking at the area you are in and a target market while tailoring a campaign around them by doing this it makes people feel more familiar with the team or feel as though they are getting special treatment for living where they do. What was actually very surprising was that the actual total amount of money spent each year on advertising has been decreasing slowly since 2013 where I thought it would have been on the rise. Having start power can help on more than one way both on and off the field, if your start player is winning games for you, you can use his face to endorse another product and because of the success of the team it attracts more success and better recruitment it’s a double hitter both financially and for talent. Fashion ability, as we have seen with Oregon the style of your jerseys can make a difference rather than look at it from someone who is a fan of a team already but look at it from a neutral when you go into a store to buy an American Football jersey if you don’t have a prior association with a team then you are more likely to go for the best looking Jersey and this plays on fans minds they don’t want to look at other teams and think ‘they look better then us’. A lot of fans feel a disconnect between themselves and the players, fans don’t really get an opportunity to meet players but more a quick glimpse outside a stadium having more personal settings or open training sessions for fans can really close the gap and give the fans what they really want.

Sponsors Goodwill

The sponsor ive choosen to look at is Yokohama tyres, the sponsor of Chelsea F.C. Yokohama are a Japanese based company they are involved in charities that combat green house gases as the tyre companies are very closely associated with the car industry. Furthermore Yokohama also have a lot of training facilities and youth days around Britain in order to support grass root sports and encourage new players. Yokohama in japan also holds competitions for players in soccer to compete for a contract with another Japanese sports based company, and possibly receive free equipment. Yokohamas deals with Chelsea was the second largest in English league history, in order for them to want a renewal Chelsea will want to see some benefit towards there own community. I wasn’t able to find any articles of people talking about these days because they are pretty common but these types of things mean a lot to the community and keeps young people out of trouble.

Senses of your brand.

Each of the senses can really be an asset to a brand if utilised properly people often associate certain smells, tastes, colours and songs can spur memories that you can try to relate to your brand. Smell can take people back to their childhood through cooking so why can’t you use it to remind people of your shop if you’re a clothes retailer by sending inviting smells to the consumers it makes people stay longer and have more chance in buying some items food businesses are the easiest the smell of good food is always going to attract customers. Sound can also influence behaviour; depending on the style you are trying to go for you have to decide what tempo and volume to play in stores in London there is a famous rave clothing store called Cyberdog that is all stripped down bare like a warehouse with loud rave or fast music playing, this is to suit the target customers they are aiming to attract but compared to Jack Wills a brand trying to seem more up market they will play top 40 music to suit the wider demand. There has also been evidence to suggest that the tempo of the music changes the speed that customers shop and that loud over baring music can effect peoples rationality. Sight is probably the most important and encompassing as it applies to all companies colours are very influential, if you are going to start a toy car company for boys you’re probably not going to pick pink packaging because its associated with girls already; sight goes further than just colours making the perfect logo is extremely hard you need to make something memorable and nice to look at, make sure your brand uses colours that stand out next to its competitors. Mr Browns comments on taste it was hard to come up with a better brand that reminds you of its taste better than Coca Cola, we’ve all had a giant gulp of ice cold coke in a hot day and the taste matched with the fizziness is incomparable the new slogan ‘Taste The Feeling’ is a great campaign and works because that taste is more than a taste, it’s a feeling; coupled with summery pictures it sends you to the time you had that in summer with your friends and its genius. Feel is a hard one but you can still use it to your advantage similar to the chocolate cards what of you were to make felt textured cards they would be different and inexpensive while standing out from everyone else. Textures can be used on food to change the experience Toblerone triangles are like this to change from the usual shape of chocolate bars they are there to represent little mountains of Switzerland little details like this is what makes a world class brand.

I think for the soccer team they need to create a sense of memorability other than being cold and bored we don’t serve hot drinks at games and I think we should serve hot drinks for all night games and cold day games so people are encouraged to buy drinks, while at the same time making the kids love the hot chocolate and marshmallows or hot apple juice something that gets kids to make their parents come out to the games again because they aren’t cold anymore and want to get the drink again while watching soccer.


Market segmentation has become a key part in sales for sports teams in recent years with so much competition you want to make sure you will always draw people to watch and spend their hard earned cash at your organisation.

The NFL commercial from 2010 (There’s no place like home) used a good mix of both, the state of mind and state of being segmentation but more predominantly state of mind. The NFL has a certain culture that is well known around the world and different to many other sports events the advert shows the values and lifestyle that you get into when you buy your NFL tickets, the sense of togetherness with your fellow fan, or the experience of tailgating before the game. The commercial was for the NFL as a whole so it would have been hard to segment by income, age or location. So throughout you see a plethora of different teams colours as well as groups of the older generation going out still supporting their teams showing that a teams for life. This commercial covers mainly the state of mind segment by selling the experience and making it look to good to deny whist at the same time reminding those fans on what they’re missing out on. However, on my second commercial I choose to do something smaller and based to just one team, The University of Hawaii basketball commercial because this is a more locally based advert it of course will only pay in local areas around the university, it would be a waste of money to advertise in Seattle when no one will buy tickets. The main topic being brought up is the teams success so it draws peoples attention, as this is an advert for season tickets they are not looking to advertise to younger generations they are aiming for parents and grandparents, most of the students will attend for free I’d assume so they would be the main target market. Season tickets cost $230 for a combo Men’s + Women’s suggesting that they want couples or maybe even the parents of players. Neither of the advertisements were detailed enough to go into income, gender or family status I feel as though most of the time the best sale is the state of mind direction tapping into peoples emotions rather than status is a much more sure fire way to sell tickets as it reminds of good times or shows you the times you can be having!

The Switch!

My favourite commercial is called ‘The Switch” it’s a Nike advert that came out around the time before the world cup. It was a very long advert and was only shown on Television limited times because its over five minutes long however the rare times it was on I enjoyed it! Nike were obviously looking to make an impact with this as the world cup was coming up and Nike are a major sponsor with a majority of players and teams being supplied by them. The advert its self is based around Cristiano Ronaldo one of the most famous players and endorsers of Nike; he is playing a game and falls into a ball boy causing a body switch so the teenager becomes Ronaldo and visa versa. Nike were sponsoring mainly their cleats with all the players wearing the brand new colour ways and many close ups for customers to see, the other was the jerseys all the teams and players involved played for teams that wore Nike jerseys, Nike used nearly 10 different players in the story many of them professional players from different countries also using the fame of players to sell boots is incredibly common place because showing that’s what the best play with means you want the best! Nikes second campaign was an encouragement for players to strive and become better, with the teenager becoming Ronaldo he cannot live up to the expectation of the Ronaldos body forcing him to train and become as good as him. And in the body of the teenager Ronaldo is forced to work his way up the Footballing chain again to become a professional with a montage of clips displaying the amount of effort it takes to get to that level. It’s a great commercial all round!

‘Wingovations’ No ovations

This week we were talking about the new Popeyes advertisement that featured Jerry Rice. Popeyes, for those that don’t know is a fried chicken fast food brand and Jerry Rice the 49ers legendary wide receiver; in the commercial Jerry is demonstrating the technology of ‘Wingovations’ clothing that enables you to eat your wings with minimum effort perfect for the majority football fans. Now for many the advert was just as harmless as I’m sure it was meant to come across. However the advert has had a pretty bad response depicting it as racist towards African Americans because it falls to far into the stereotype that ‘black people love fried chicken’ the main thing that people seemed to be taking offence to was a helmet that had a rotating piece of chicken on it, but surely its easy enough to see the advert is just meant to be dumb all round not offensive, Jerry even almost fumbles the ball thrown at him then pulls a silly face making it light hearted.

The backlash that this they have received has been astounding with people claiming this has ‘set black people back 437 years’ where I have the opposite view and think that it’s the people that still are even paying attention to such juvenile stereotypes are the ones holding back society from seeing everyone as the same, why should it matter that it is a black man in the commercial he could be any race and it shouldn’t matter; if you like fried chicken, you like fried chicken you wouldn’t be endorsing something that you didn’t like. To me the way that people have looked at the advertisement is wrong the public saw a black man and fried chicken and automatically jumped at Popeyes for being racist. When the way it should be seen is just a guy eating some chicken by people bringing up the stereotype it reignites the whole thing again for more people to hear about making it counterintuitive. Yes black people do like fried chicken but white people like it just as much, everyone loves fried chicken!

It Starts Here

Hi my name is Conor Davies, i am a student athlete from London living in West Virginia and my blog will predominately be about the everyday life at college in the eyes of a foreigner. At Wesleyan i’m majoring in sports business with a vague aspiration to go into agent work or advertising within sports companies. I haven’t always wanted to do this i only recently started to choose a direction, but my mind often changes so who knows i could be doing something completely different by the time i graduate.

A lot of people ask me why i chose to come to Buckhannon from London with the two being complete contrasts to one and other. however as much i love London, it can get to busy and here in buckhannon theres no chance of that, i think that i have the best of both worlds. Wesleyan also had a strong soccer team and this was really the main reason i came was to play soccer and study at the same time, it is possible in England but the college teams are not as strong as club teams so it didn’t seem worth staying. Another thing was the experience, leaving your family to live in another country was hard to begin with but it was a realisation that it was the start of my own life separate from my family, its unlikely that i will live with them again so by being here you learn to live on your own… partially, as you constantly have friends around to do things.